Wide sleeves

Hello fashion enthusiasts.


The bell sleeve trend has been around for quite some time, this year it’s more dominant than ever. The best part of the trend? It’s diversity is never-ending. You can find the fancy sleeves sleeves on anything!! Another thing that I love about the bell sleeve trend is the fact that the flare is perfect for layering underneath other pieces. The possibilities are endless.


I’ll be gracing the blog with this voluminous bell sleeved top. I’ve been a huge fan of this trend. I just cant get enough of this top, be sure you’ll be seeing more of it here. So keep tuned!



The look I paired this time round is practical and simple. I wore this bell sleeved top with a pair of printed pants and a pair of sling backs. What are your thoughts on this look? Do let me know by leaving your comments below.


Outfit details:

Top & pants: Thrifted

Shoes: CBD

Belt: Gift

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With love, Fay.





If you thought that fringe was so yesterday then you’re so wrong! This trend has been around for a while and oh boy, don’t I love me some fringe details on an outfit? Every fashionista should make an effort to own a one (or several) fringe items in their wardrobe. This staple piece won’t fail you regardless of the occasion, you can either decide to dress it up or even dress it down.



I have had this T-shirt dress for quite a while now. I decided to go for a laid back look with this T-shirt dress. I paired the dress with a pair of boyfriend shoes, an oversized denim jacket and topped it off with a necklace.



The secret to pulling of this trend is to keep the whole look simple by this I mean have one fringe-y piece at a time. Do not go overboard by rocking more than one fringe item as this will look tacky and we ain’t all about that life.


Outfit details

T-shirt dress: Thrift

Shoes: CBD

Denim jacket: Gift

Would you wear fringe items? If yes, how and wear would you wear them to?

Do let me know your thoughts.

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Keep it flared!


Women who wear black lead the most colorful lives ~ Neiman Marcus.


There is something about black, I think it’s the fact that it can be worn at any time, at any age or the fact that it can be worn for almost any occasion.



I have had this flared jumpsuit for quite sometime. I have styled it here and here. If an outfit is to be worn once, I ain’t buying by! I love an outfit I can create multiple looks with and this jumpsuit here has proven to be that.


I wore this jumpsuit with a turtleneck top, a pair of sandals and spiced things up with beaded neck piece. Whenever you’re rocking an all black outfit it’s always good to throw in a statement piece like I did with this neck piece, or add a pop of color with a belt, blazer or shoes.




Jumpsuit: Bus station

Turtleneck: Think Twice shopping mall

Sandals: CBD

Neck piece: Friend’s closet

Sunglasses: Gift

What are your thoughts on this look? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.

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Hello Friday!


Happy Friday lovelies…I’m the type that celebrates when it’s Friday and sulks when it’s Monday. On Fridays we get to slay into the weekend.


Ever since I came across this peekaboo top I’ve always wanted to pair it with these pair of culottes. Neither of these items is new here. I’ve worn the top here and  here. The culottes are same as shown here.


Whenever you’re wearing slouchy bottoms I always go for a  more fitting top but as seen on this look I decided not to follow those rules because I mean why not? Haha!



What are your thoughts on this look?

Do let me know your thoughts.

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Cold shoulders

Happy Friday darlings.


Confidence isn’t walking into a room with your nose in the air and thinking you are better than everyone else, it’s walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone else in the first place.


This maxi dress is not new here, I’ve worn it here and here. I love everything about this dress, the fit, the length and most importantly the fact that it is an off shoulder.


I’d wear this to a dinner date.


Where would you wear it to? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.


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Bringing back the 90s

Happy Monday beautiful people, how has your weekend been? I hope that y’all had a lovely one.


I love fun prints. I mean who wouldn’t notice such a bright, fun print? This shirt was love at first sight. I’ve always had an eye for those vintage shirts but unfortunately I don’t think I did own any till I came across this floral one and let’s say I’m obsessed.


You can decide to go overboard and rock it with other prints but I wanted the shirt to be the statement piece that’s why I went with plain bottoms.


For the shoes I went with these sling backs that also scream retro and also added a slim belt.


What are your thoughts on this look?

Do have a lovely week ahead!

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Wrapped on top!

Happy new month fashion lovers, seven days later? Well, my schedule has been quite busy. Talk of work and exams! But I’ll always create time for my readers. 😉

From my previous post I did declare my love for the wrap style outfits.I find this kind of top flattering to any body shape since all you have to do is cinch it and you’re good to go.

I’d recommend this as a wardrobe staple. I plan to get a couple in different colors. They can be worn with slouchy bottoms or with fitting ones as I did. Talk of versatility!

How would you wear a wrap top?

Outfit details: Top & pants Thrifted

Do let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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Wrapped in denim!

Hello beautiful people.


The weekend is here with us. Who’s ready to slay? I know I am.



If there’s a trend I’m feeling this year it has to be the wrap trend. Be on the look out for more wrap style of outfits from me.


A wrap dress is a closet staple every lady should own as it’s ideal for any shape and size. I’ve had this denim dress for quite some time now and I thought why not wear it with these vintage shoes I bought recently.


This dress is perfect for a laid back kinda weekend look. Thank-you for passing by. Stay blessed and fashionable.


Yours truly,





Casual Friyay!

Hello fashion lovers, how’s your Njanuary?


This post should have been up on the blog by yesterday but oh well, life happened!


I’m a big fan of slouchy bottoms, if you’re an avid reader of my blog you’d have noticed this by now. These type of bottoms tend to flatter any body type especially when paired with fitting tops.


I decided to pair these pants with a bell sleeved stripped top, then cinched my waist with a slim belt and finished the look with a pair of flats. The look is simple yet casual and I’d definitely wear it to work.




Pants & Top : Thrift

Shoes: CBD

Belt: Friend’s closet

What’s your take on loose fitting bottoms? Do let me know your thoughts by commenting down below.

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Work flow; black & white

Happy Thursday beautiful people!


Without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with everything , suddenly there’s shadow – no, no just shadow, but fullness. You’ve got to be willing to mix black into your palette if you want to create something that’s real.


Whenever I stumble upon an exciting outfit I always make sure that I take it home with me. Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy, you know what I mean!


The first time I rocked magnificent piece was a while ago here , this time round I decided to take things up a notch by wearing a button down shirt under and accessorizing with a bow tie and necklace. Isn’t it fun when you can  play around with an outfit to create a totally different look?


Outfit details

Jumpsuit & shirt; Thrift

Neckpiece; Dubois

Bow-tie; Gift

Is this a look you’d try?

Do let me know your thought.

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